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The Ring of Ekar Chapter 44

Chapter Forty-Four: Crossing the River. Having made the decision, or more correctly having that decision imposed upon her, Kera felt a calmness, an acceptance of the situation. It was as it was and no amount of worrying or self pity would change it so there was little point in indulging herself with misery. It was…

A Mother’s Day Thank You

It’s Mothers Day! I tried so hard To find the perfect greetings cardTo tell her of the debt I oweFor every moment, high and lowFor every footstep, stop or goFor every single thing I knowFor everything that made me growFor living things, for friend or foeMother Nature, thank you soThere was no card upon the…

Buzzards Day

https://nationaltoday.com/buzzards-day/ According to the above link, today is the day to witness the return of the Buzzard from its migration. The celebrated Buzzard is a Turkey Vulture however , in the absence of this bird in the UK we would like to recognise the day by showing our respect for our magnificent Buzzards. Beautiful and…

The Ring of Ekar Chapter 43

Chapter Forty-Three: Goodnight and Goodbye. Despite the best efforts of the cast iron range, the temperature in the kitchen seemed to drop suddenly and the girl looked across the table to see the colour drain from the woodsman’s face. He was staring directly at her, his bright blue eyes unblinking and a single finger tapping…

Snow Day

There was a young fellow called JoeWho thought when he saw all the snow”How long must it takeTo lay flake upon flakeThen heavens where does it all go?” Ranger CR