Working outdoors gives us the privilege of observing the wonders of nature.

Through this website and our blog, we hope to share the treasures and surprises with you.


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All suggestions welcome

Just for fun, we thought we would ask our faithful followers to join in with our weekly poem. If anyone has any topic suggestions on a nature theme that they think would make an interesting poem topic, we would love to hear from you. A new poem is published every Friday. Thank you to all…More

A day in a life

Three images taken today that illustrate basic survival of our local wildlife. The first is preparation for new life. An intricate birds nest carefully woven and made to keep their young safe and warm. It must have taken days of dedication to create. The architects have invested a lot of time and effort to ensure…More

The Ring of Ekar Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen: Networking.   The smile on the man’s face could not have been broader, or better intentioned. She was beginning to remember, that much was clear, the name of the tree was not something that she could have determined through research or enquiry. This thing was not recorded, for the sake of the tree…More

Forgive me Mother Elder

Please forgive me Mother Elder I must cut youYour leaves are limp and lifeless there is nothing else to doThere is something wrong, so very wrong, I fear that you might dieI comprehend your suffering though I know no reason whyThe Sun the heat or pathogen has brought you to this stateForgive me Mother Elder,…More